Must Pack: 5 reasons why we love this little bottle

You’d think the Caribbean would be well-stocked with a brilliant selection of sun-defence creams, but that’s not the case. It’s crucial to take your favourite lotions with you, and over the years we’ve become particularly fond of this little Dream Screen from Benefit. Here’s why…

  • At 45ml and super-light, it easily slips into your hand luggage and can be whisked out the moment you step off the plane and hit those rays.
  • You get SPF45 protection for your precious face and it feels jolly nice on the skin.
  • It’s invisible and oil and fragrance-free with none of that clogging feel you can get with other brands.
  • It absorbs straightaway and moisturises too.
  • And a little goes along away – one bottle kept us looking lovely for over a month!

Image © The Coconut Times


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