Looking Good: Brilliant new beachwear from Bequia

Beach Bums swimwear from Bequia - Bananas swimsuit

Looking for something fun to wear on your next Caribbean trip? Bequia Beach Bums is a new collection of  beach and leisurewear that brings together Swedish style, London know-how and the vibrant colours of the Caribbean.

Pineapple Cays1
Taking a cue from the tropical hues and natural bounty of Bequia, a tiny island in St Vincent and The Grenadines, the range features beachwear for men, women and children including bikinis, one-piece swimsuits, casual tunics, swimming shorts and sunglasses.

Beach Bums swimwear from Bequia - lobster swimming shorts

It’s obvious that the designers had only to look around this beautiful island to get some ideas. Lobsters, bananas, flowers, palm trees, surfers… Even the giant creatures that swim past Bequia from December to April are represented, as the logo of Bequia Beach Bums is based on the silhouette of a whale’s tail.

Beach Bums swimwear from Bequia - Blue Hawaii shirt

We particularly like the attention to detail in this range. For example, men’s shirts include a small strap for hanging your sunglasses on while the women’s tunics come with a waterproof drawstring pouch. Someone at Bequia Beach Bums has clearly spent a lot of time messing about on boats and knows how useful such touches are.

Beach Bums swimwear from Bequia - Pineapple swimming shorts

You can buy the Bequia Beach Bums range online, on Bequia at the Bequia Beach Hotel and Jack’s Beach Bar, and on St Vincent at The Grenadine House hotel in Kingstown. The company donates five per cent of its profits to local causes, and shipping is free to addresses in the UK and Ireland.


Images:  © Bequia Beach Bums


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